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Bride by esfenicoBride by esfenico


The Substitute Scene 37 First Person Plural
I'm a good girl... I've been very quiet... even with this thing inside me, I've not made more than a little groan... If I just try and press my crotch against this upright I might... Oh no, the door's opening! 

Wait, there's Mistress Cynthia and my darling Mistress Denise! Oh... Who's this delicious morsel? Could that be little Becky? Oh my, that outfit, I could just eat her up! They want her to join them, to join us. And she will, I know it! 

I'll just be quiet and watch, like a good girl. Then maybe they will let me play with her...
The Substitute Scene 37 First Person
Oh my gosh! Becky!? I wanted a pretty present, but I never expected anything as delicious as this!

Yes! By all means, join us!
The Substitute Scene 37 Third Person
Becky waited outside as she had been instructed, but without the comforting glow of Miss May's eyes her nerves were beginning the fray. What if Miss Miller didn't want her? How could she if Miss May was already her lover? Becky had finally realized and accepted that she wanted to be Miss Miller's lover, for Miss Miller to teach her everything about love and sex. Becky loved Miss Miller, but... how could she ask Miss Miller to choose her over Miss May? Surely she would just turn Becky away, but if that were true then why had Miss May brought her here? And why Ms Grumpy's rooms of all places?

Fortunately, Becky's inner turmoil was brought to end when she heard Miss May call out the words, "Oh, I almost forgot, I said I'd bring you a present. You can come in now!" Automatically, Becky obeyed and opened the door, the command to follow having been engraved on her mind when Miss May had trapped Becky in her eyes just before entering Ms Curia's rooms herself. 

The young woman's heart leapt in her chest as she entered the room and saw the two most beautiful women in the whole world holding each other in a nude embrace on the large brass bed. As she approached, her fears of rejection resurfaced, but then Miss May turned her glorious eyes towards her and all that doubt blew away. In its place grew a burning desire as Miss Miller stopped sucking on Miss May's nipple and gazed at her, a warm, welcoming smile on her berry red lips.

"Becky," Miss May husked, "why don't you join us?"
The Substitute Scene 36 First Person Plural
Oh wow... Her eyes are even more beautiful than I remembered! And yet she calls me ravishing? And her dress is simply divine, I hope my present is as pretty as that.

"Why thank you, my love. You're looking splendid yourself... Care to join me?"
The Substitute Scene 36 First Person
My, my... She really has grown in to the confident young woman I knew she could be.

"Well, isn't this a pleasant surprise? You look absolutely ravishing, my dear."
The Substitute Scene 35 Third Person
With the gag and reverse strap-on firmly secured on Diana's person, Denise directed her submissive boss to enter her own wardrobe and kneel down. After admiring the contents of the closet, Denise removed a lacy, black wrap and said, "You have wonderful taste, pet. Do you wear this often?"

Diana shook her head sadly, she had bought the gown as a gift for an ex-lover, emphasis on the 'ex'. Needless to say, her efforts hadn't been successful, but she'd kept the robe in the hope of wearing it for someone else some day.

"Aww, that's a shame," Denise soothed, patting her boss on the head, "I think I'll wear it for Cynthia today, but perhaps you could wear it for me sometime soon, would you like that?"

"Ymph, Mwphdrmph!" Diana moaned from behind her gag, nodding furiously. So aroused by the thought, the slave couldn't help grasping one of her own tits in excitement.

"Hehe, I'm sure you'll look delightful, but for now I need you to be a good girl and be nice and quiet," the Dominant instructed, to which the submissive instantly silenced herself with a nod, "Now, I'm going to close the door, but if you are very good and stay quiet for me, you can open the door a little bit after Cynthia gets here."
The Substitute Scene 34 Third Person
Standing obediently in front of the open closet, Diana watched on with barely contained desire as her young Dominant packed away the toys from their session together. A shiver flowed down her spine as she thought of how she too would be soon packed away, like a doll being put back in her box for safe keeping.

An outside observer might find this reaction strange, Diana herself might have thought so too a few days ago if she could have worked past her prudish attitudes towards sex at the time. But the simple truth was that now Diana trusted Denise. The submissive trusted her Dominatrix to value and cherish her as a person, not just a possession, and to actually put Diana's well being first. Needless to say, Denise had been rewarding that trust all day and helped Diana reach a nirvana she had never even imagined. To both Denise, and Cynthia for helping her open her mind, Diana would be eternally loyal in her gratitude.

"Come back to me, sweetheart," Denise teased, snapping her fingers in front of the daydreaming Diana's face, "I think you know what to do with this," the younger woman added with a playful wink and holding up a red, rubber bar gag with a black strap.

"Y-yes, Mistress," Diana stuutered, blushing in her embarassment at being caught daydreaming. With no hesitation, the senior English teacher took the gag and placed it in her mouth and began to tie the strap around her head, that was until she felt a very pleasant, but even more unexpected sensation between her legs, "MMMPH!" she squeaked, hands still behind her head as she glanced down at a now crouching Denise.

"I didn't tell you to stop, Diana," Denise stated firmly, looking up at her submissive, "fasten that gag nice and tight for me, just like you imagined doing to Kathryn Willis." Diana moaned at the reminder of that fantasy, it would have been nice to tease that rebelious little harlot, but Diana couldn't imagine it would have been nicer than being teased by Denise. "And spread 'em wide," Denise added coldly, tapping each of Diana's thighs with one hand to signal for her spread her legs as she stood. Diana complied, now completely distracted from tying her gag as her eyes widened when she realized what Denise was holding in her other hand. Denise just smiled a devil's grin, "Now, I know you said you always wanted to wear a strap-on, but I'll bet this isn't exactly how you imagined it."
The Substitute Scene 33 Third Person Plural
Once Becky had made the right choice Cynthia instructed shop-girl to find matching socks and shoes for her student, and to then choose a few items for Denise and add them to those the enslaved attendant had already picked out for Cynthia herself. 

"Pack those for us, shop-girl," she commanded her willing thrall, to which shop-girl immedaitately complied with a happy smile. When the once snarky woman had finished packing the bags, Cynthia added, "Now, I'm sure you can let us have them for free, to make amends for your rude attitude earlier and to thank us for being such good customers. 

"Oh, of course, Mistress," shop-girl replied, bowing her head in apologie to both Cynthia and Becky. "I'm really sorry for earlier, Mistress Cynthia, and to you Miss Becky," shop-girl lifted her gaze to Becky and gave her a sincere smile. She couldn't deny she was envious of the redhead for Cynthia's clear favouring of her over shop-girl herself, but shop-girl also knew that her Mistress would not approve of any ill-will, "I hope this makes up for any upset I caused."

"Uh... sure," Becky answered in confusion, picking up the bag containing her discarded uniform and a couple of bags with Miss May's new dresses inside. She had been so wrapped up in following Miss May's instructions that she hadn't even noticed Tabitha's attitude when they walked in.

"That's a good girl," Cynthia praised the reformed saleswoman. As a reward, while taking two bags of her own in one hand, Cynthia reached up and teased one of her slave's exposed nipples with the other, making shop-girl shiver and gasp in delight. "Now, I want you to carry the rest of those bags to the door for me," the teacher said, now removing her phone from the bag carrying her work clothes, "I need to make a quick phone call."

"Yes, Mistress," shop-girl cooed, picking up the last few bags and almost gliding her way to the door on her pleasure enduced high. Everything was right in shop-girl's world.

After tapping in Denise's number, Cynthia followed her thrall with Becky in tow, eager to discover how her first pet had been getting on with her new plaything.

Denise: Mmmm~ Hello?

Cynthia: Why, hello, my naughty princess. How's my favourite teacher been getting on with her new toy?

Denise: Oh, hello, my darling! We've had such a glorious day! I've given my new doll a lovely make over, and right now she's giving me a pedicure of sorts. Hehe~ Her tongue tickles. Oh and we moved into my old boss's rooms, you won't believe how much bigger they are than mine!

Cynthia: Why doesn't that surprise me? Honestly, sometimes I feel like having a word with the principal about the unjust favouritism shown in that school. In any case, I'm glad you've had fun, I'm just out shopping and should be with you in half an hour or so... Oh, by the way, I'm bringing you a very special present, so I think it would be best if you packed Diana away before I get there. Oh, and wear something sweet and floaty. Chao~.

Denise: Mmm, I can hardly wait. Goodbye, my love.

"Hehe, that girl never ceases to amuse me," Cynthia mused after hanging up the phone. Finding herself standing in front of an obediently waiting shop-girl, the hypnotic domme decided she would need to leave the girl a lifeline to throw after they left. Lowering her glasses, Cynthia took direct control of the ravenhead's thoughts once more, "Okay, shop-girl, after Becky and I leave, this is what I want you to do..."
The Substitute Scene 32 First Person Plural
I look so confident and sexy in the one on the left... Perhaps that's what I might wear when I go to college, but I'm not that woman yet...

I want Denise to help me become that woman, but... she likes me now, doesn't she? Miss May said she does and Miss May always says the truth

I'm sure that Deni-- that Miss Miller would prefer the dress on the right that makes me look so cute and vulnerable. That shows her the shy girl I am. The student who needs her teacher.

I've made my choice.
Hi all,

Just wanted to apologise for not responding to comments recently. My only excuse is I didn't have time, and then I didn't want to look like I'd been ignoring people and just start replying again. However I will now try to reply to all new comments where I think they require one .

Once again sorry, and thank you all for your continued support



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